Whistler Xtr-695 Review

Speed Limits Apply to Who?


So what's there to say? Let's face it, in recent years Whistler hasn't been well-known for producing the best radar / laser detectors.

Regardless, after researching every possible option for detectors under $200 I confidently chose to trust the XTR-695.

At the time of my purchase, the XTR ran me around $150 making it competitively priced below the average ticket.

First Impression:
The detector is sleek, and as straightforward as possible.  I would never even consider a radar detector in any color other than flat black.  Why?  In direct sunlight, it reflects the least amount glare onto the windshield.

Now, a second observation.. I had read negative reviews complaining about the lcd screen being difficult to read, Ok, no big deal.  Difficult? No, mine just doesn't display any text at all.  Whistler agreed to repair it if i pay shipping (one way), but I needed it for upcoming road trips so I couldn't bite the estimated 3-week turn around time.

As dissapointing as this is, the unit is stil useable and with the help of the instruction manual I can still navigate to all of the features. Oh well.

After the Repair:

Finally I took the time to send back the unit.  The turn around time was less than estimated, only about a week.  Whistler replaced the display board in my unit and now the lcd is completely functional.  As other reviewers described, the display is difficult to read in direct sunlight but I still find it pretty useful.  You can even set different background colors (or sequences) for different types of radar bands.  Alerts display the type of radar and the frequency for k-band detections, which can be helpful in distinguishing cops from digital construction signs displaying your speed.

Highway Accuracy: 9/10
In my first 3 weeks of ownership, the detector saved me from 2 potential tickets with minimal false alarms.  It does throw alerts for those construction signs that say "Your Speed is: " but hey, they're using radar so it should. 

City Modes: 1/10

City mode is another story.. I receive tons of false alerts in every band regardless of the mode I choose.  These get so bad that I normally end up unpulugging the unit.  For me though, not a huge loss, I keep my lead foot at bay in town

Voice Alerts: 9/10

Simply put, they do what they should.  Without looking down you know what type of band you're up against:

  • K-Band    Old band still used by most traffic cops today
  • Ka-Band   Newer technology radar detector
  • X-Band     Can not be used to give tickets, police may only use it to get a preview of your speed.
  • Pulse/POP   1/15th of a second burst in K-Band, extremely difficult to detect.


Periscope LEDs: 10/10

At first glance this "feature" seemed trivial, but it's one of my favorites.  It immediatly lets you know there's a signal even if your music's up louder than it probably should be.

Color LCD: 10/10

The LCD screen can be configured to display 7 different colors.  This is an awesome feature,  at least one shade is sure to match the interior of your car.

Overall: 7/10

In the end I suppose I'm happy I bought this unit, it does most of what it's supposed to and keeps me protected on the highway.  So good luck, drive smart and drive safe!

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